An Award Winner Integrated Solution to Compute Virtual Allowables.

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Accelerate your use of composites thanks to coupon simulation early in the design cycle

Characterize your composite material virtually & explore design space & reduce test matrix

Support your customers & reduce your material testing cost & accelerate the development of new material systems

in just few clicks

Digimat-VA is a vertical solution developed to virtually compute the behavior of composites coupons (unnotched, open hole, …). It offers an advanced simulation solution to predict laminate A and B-basis values.

It allows engineers to screen, select and compute the allowables of composite materials in less time and at less cost.

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Digimat-VA enables you to take results of basic lab tests on composite lamina and use them to predict the behavior of virtually any plain or notched laminate.

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"NIAR has been researching on virtual allowables development for past few years and was excited to see some of the methodologies are implemented in Digimat-VA in a user-friendly manner. NIAR and e-Xstream partnership brings the knowledge of decades of material allowables development and simulations to produce great tools such as Digimat-VA."

− Waruna Seneviratne, Sr Research Engineer Wichita State University, NIAR